Did I Mention My Pulitzer?

Yeah right! In my dreams. While viewing the awesome movie Hudsucker Proxy, the scene between the news chief and the reporter Amy really inspired me. I cant help but chuckle when she can’t help but mention her Pulitzer. I was embarrassed to realize that while I know the Pulitzer is a prestigious award given to writers, I have absolutely no idea who was nominated this year or what the categories even are.

So, I went to pulitzer.org to at least get the basics. The categories (I’m sticking to Journalism) are:

  • Public Service
  • Breaking News
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Explanatory Reporting
  • Local Reporting
  • National Reporting
  • Featured Reporting
  • Commentary
  • Criticism
  • Editorial Writing

There are also categories for photography, cartooning, and more. I decided to dive a little deeper into the Investigative Reporting category.

The Greater Good

It really irks me that a lot of people love to demonize the media. I will admit that there are plenty of news shows, like TMZ, that probably do not intellectually stimulate the population. However, Investigative journalism can really raise awareness and make a difference.

The Pulitzer Prize winner for investigative journalism was a story by David Barstow and Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab. They exposed a bribery case that was hushed by Wal-Mart Execs. I especially loved this article because I have a hate for Wal-Mart, but I won’t get into that here. I really recommend both of these articles and believe that they demonstrate a productive use for journalism.


Reporters can have such power, if they are good writers, to make a difference.


One thought on “Did I Mention My Pulitzer?

  1. Scott Reed says:

    This is a good example of a post where I see a good sense of perspective and a good sense of how your ideas here connect to the larger project of your blog. On the downside, though, your organization does you few favors.

    The opening move (using the Hudsucker Proxy) could be really fun and engaging, but if we haven’t already seen the movie, then we’d have no way to really get why what you said tickles you.Make the illustration move work by providing more evocative detail.

    After the opening, the post seems to go into different directions. On one hand we get a recap of what the Pulitzer is, and on the other, a short nod to a recent winner. What I can’t figure out is what one has to do with the other. Why mention all those categories? What difference did those writers make? I could see a good article focusing on either topic. Maybe write a short profile of the recent winner. Or, discuss the structure of the Pulitzer itself; in this case, though, I’d want to know why you think it’s worth exploring. Don’t just repackage information we could find a Wikipedia. Bring your perspective to it. If you want to bring in outside or exotic information, use it to make a point for yourself.

    On the technical side, think about a different way to present that link. URLs are pretty ugly. Start playing with images, too.

    Overall, a solid start!
    Week 4: 10/10

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