Look at Me!

Examining links in class the other day really opened my eyes. I cruise the web on a pretty regular basis but rarely notice the ad links. I have become accustomed to tuning them out, and only noticing the bright flashing icons in my peripheral vision. Since I am interested in journalism, I thought it would be fun to really close read the home pages of two very different news sites. I chose NPR.com and usatoday.com.


The home page reminds me of an actual newspaper. It is set up in a grid system with the text being the main focus instead of pictures. Also, there are no ads, which is very uncommon on a website. It actually made the home page seem a little bland. I am so accustomed to seeing bright flashing ads. The focus is aimed at the text itself and not pictures.

USA Today

The home page was not like a traditional newspaper because it was very visual based rather than textual based. There was also one ad for some online casino, and it was not as obnoxious as some. It was a more interesting home page, but I was not as interested in the actual head lines. The main headline read “Brennan: More heartbreak for Phil at U.S. Open.” I am not a golf fan, so I could care less. I was much more drawn in by NPR’s headline “Why Both Sides Want Gay Marriage Settled by the States.”

Both sites had interactivity with the readers; however, in different ways. NPR draws the audience in with text and USA Today draws them in with pictures. It is most likely that the readers of the NPR site are different from the readers of USA Today. So, I feel like the methods of interactivity change with the audience.


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