Missed Opportunity and New Images

I was at first uncomfortable using images in my posts. I had no idea how to approach it. I went back and examined my “Did I mention my Pulitzer” post. In the Pulitzer post I saw a couple of places where an image would enhance my writing.

I really want the text to be the focus of this most so I do not think it would have been appropriate to have a picture at the very top. I was torn about this decision because I believe visuals do help draw readers in. I could have incorporated a picture of the Hudsucker Proxy but that may confuse readers because it is not really the subject of the post.

The main place I saw that should have had a picture was in the section about the of winners of the Investigative Journalism Pulitzer. I spend time talking about them and it would help the audience to see who I am describing. The picture should be medium and at the right of the text discussing them. Like so. This way the reader sees the text first and then looks at the picture second to see who I am discussing.

David Barstow and Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab with Lee C. Bollinger.

David Barstow and Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab with Lee C. Bollinger.

My motivation in writing that post was curiosity. I was curious and I figured maybe other people would like to learn what I have learned, so I put it out there. I am not sure if that is a good enough motivation or not. The Pulitzer is a prestigious award, and anyone who wants to be a journalist should be aware of the top writers in this field.

Banner Image

Exploring the relationship between news media and digital media is the whole purpose of my blog. I found the picture of a hand holding this world of media and though it was perfect. The hand holding the world of information conveyed the message to readers that both they and I hold this world in our hands. Fanpop-all-around-the-world-fanpop-583858_1024_768 Using digital media we can shape our news experience in ways we never could before. The other aspect I liked most was the hand being a glowing, digital looking part of the image. It just serves to reinforce the idea of the reader interacting with this digital world.


One thought on “Missed Opportunity and New Images

  1. Scott Reed says:

    Solid, Katie, but dive in. The banner image you chose definitely screams “digital,” but why do you want it to do that? Do you want it to seem futuristic? Why the image of a world in a person’s hand? Do you want it to convey power or control? Along similar lines, we can ask these same sorts of things about not just the pictorial elements of your image, but the textual ones as well. What sort of impact does the font have?

    In your first part, you focus on a key quality you’re wanting in your writing. You never say so explicitly (and getting explicit was part of the point here), but what you’re driving at is that you wanted your image usage to convey journalistic integrity. After all, showing that care and professionalism is why you chose to make it smaller, and to orient the text around it. Words like “professionalism” can mean a lot of things, so we could “come to terms” with it better by focusing on clarity and detail: the image CLEARLY relates to the post and supports it.

    You’re on the doorstep; keep practicing with locating the specific effects you want and building from there.


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