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Hsyndicate- News

Hsyndicate- News

While following the reports on the Boston Bombings, I could not help but be intrigued by the amount of footage that was sent in by viewers. People close to the action still ran for cover but while doing so they pulled out their cell phones and recorded what was happening. Instant live footage is not the only addition to the industry of journalism: It is also common for people to look to their cellphones for the latest headline. I have the CNN app on my phone and it alerts me when there is breaking news. It is even more popular to view the news on a laptop or tablet. My curiosity inspired me to read up on mobile devices and the news.

Mobile Devices and News Consumption

The Pew Research Center published “Mobile Devices and News Consumption: Some Good Signs for Journalism”
They claim that News is a big part of what people do on their mobile devices.

State of the Media

State of the Media

A growing number of Americans are becoming multi-platform digital news consumers. I view the news on both my phone and my laptop. I was comforted to read that the reputation of the news organization played a larger part in where people go for the news. With Facebook and Twitter becoming popular for breaking news, it is good that most people can differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources.

How is this useful?
While writing this, I started to ask myself what does this mean for the news industry. It is possible to apply just about every text we have read so far to this question. So, I am going to follow the advice of William Zinsser and keep it simple and clear. It changes just about everything. Different materials means a different approach. The world of news media has to adapt to the increasingly popular digital platform.


One thought on “Mobile News

  1. Scott Reed says:

    Good blog work this week. My one word of caution was inspired by your last section. I’m glad that you asked yourself those questions, but use those questions as a starting place, not as something you bring up at the end. Those big picture ideas should help you frame up your ideas about the topic. By saying that you still have the same big questions at the end, it makes it look like you haven’t entirely thought through the topic. No one is expecting you to be an expert, but your perspective should look as developed as you can get it.

    Week 5: 10/10

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