My First Meme

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Is Google Making Us Stupid?


One thought on “My First Meme

  1. Scott Reed says:

    Katie, this is great — the image/text combo does something really striking and interesting. I’ll only chide you for not remembering to actually do the write-up portion of this. I’d like to know about the genesis of the idea, and I didn’t quite see it here.

    I raved about your Serial Sirc entry in class, as well. The caption was a brilliant touch, and it actually helps us expand our understanding of what Sirc’s project is. One could “come to terms” with him by noting a limitation in his approach — the types of composition he describes seem to be for purely aesthetic approaches. Weird art for weird art’s sake. The wall is a vivid reminder that there are many purposes and applications for this kind of “serial composition” beyond making mixtapes.

    Aca-Meme: 7/10
    Serial Sirc: 10/10

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