What’s Next?

Who knows what the future hold for social media?

Who knows what the future hold for social media?

I have discussed various forms of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, and how they are utilized by journalists. It got me wondering what’s next. We have become such a fast moving technological society, always waiting impatiently for the next big digital social world. So, What’s it going to be?

Well, no one can be certain but there are some guesses. New profession-based, vertical networks are cropping up and they cater to the specific needs and interests of business professionals. But that is just a more focused form of Facebook and isn’t really groundbreaking.

The next generation of social media is not really all that different from this generation; the goal is to create a way to express yourself and put it out there for many to see. Portable social media has quickly become the must.

Pheed has created an app that combines video, audio, photo, text and even live broadcast.

1SE stands for one second everyday and gives users the ability to sum up there day in one second. Then, it combines all of the one second snippets into one personal movie. Pretty cool, but hopefully you like what you see.

There are many more out there and some of them are still only an idea, but there definitely seems to be a trend in the new social media tools short, simple, portable, and convenient to use.


One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. Scott Reed says:

    — Order of the paragraphs gets me a little. Would it make more sense to switch the positions of paragraphs 2 and 3?

    — What makes these “vertical networks” like Facebook? The point is sort of undefended, because there’s no evidence in play. The link could tell us, but if we don’t follow it (no one says we have to), then the claim won’t make much sense. Show us just enough that we can rely on your assessment.

    Strong as ever — we’re just working on finesse points now.

    Week 8: 10/10

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